Herbal roots 1

Here’s a tidbit the teacher tossed to the Goat and me in our first medicinal herb class: a conversation between an imaginary patient and an  imaginary healer about an all-too-common ailment.  The patient and the complaint stay the same throughout the centuries, but the healer changes his tactics. Maybe “modernizes” is a better word. We heard the original version years ago so I’ve revamped it to keep up with the times–the medical times.



2000 BC:

I have a headache!

Eat this root.

1000 AD:

I have a headache.

That root is heathen. Say this prayer.

1850 AD:

I have a headache.

That prayer is superstition. Drink this potion.

1940 AD:

I have a headache.

That potion is snake oil. Take this pill.

1985 AD:

I have a headache.

That pill is ineffective. Take this antibiotic.

2000 AD:

I have a headache.

That antibiotic is old. Here, take this new improved antibiotic.

2015 AD:

I have a headache, and it’s even worse! And now my stomach’s upset, my vision’s blurred, I’m dizzy, I have a rash, and my heart is palpitating.

That antibiotic is artificial, overused, has a hundred side effects, and is–guess what?—ineffective. Just eat the root!


OK, things might not be that simple, but the pretend dialogue sort of makes you think, doesn’t it? I’m not a “for real” herbalist yet–much less a doctor–but I have tried a lot of FLR (flower, leaf and root) remedies that, for the most part, have kept the Goat and me out of the doctor’s office for simple ailments. It’s up to you whether or not to try them out, but if you do, you might be surprised at how well they work.