I learned a valuable lesson last night: one should never read one’s draft copy of a blog post on an iPad in bed at 11:00 at night. The temptation to dink with it is just too strong, and at that hour of the night one’s brain is too bleary to tell one’s index finger which button to press after the aforementioned dinking. That’s how the unfinished copy of the third part of a series got posted in the middle of the night, and why you all got your nifty little email notification. Good thing I’m a semi-early riser and managed to take it down. Hopefully, none of you read the draft copy, and I promise the real one will be up in a couple of days, right after the first two.

But now I’ve got a deluge of emails and texts from loving family and friends and their friends wondering if they “did something wrong”  to break the link. No, that’s my fault. I promise never to do it again (I hope) and only to read things at night that I can’t possibly mess up.

Hey, at least I know that people are reading my Saggy Bottom Sass!