I might be journeying toward Minimalism, but that doesn’t mean I want to over-exert myself doing it. After a lifetime of over-crowded closets and wrinkled clothes, I discovered a no-brainer, no-work way to clean out a closet. All it takes is a little time and a package of rubber bands to get started.

First, grab your rubber bands and slip one over every coat hanger holding clothing in your closet. Now decide on a specific length of time to check back with your clothes.  I chose one year to make sure all my seasonal clothing was included. Next–this is the magic part–when you take out an item to wear it, remove the rubber band from the coat hanger. After your set time, go back through your closet and toss everything that still has a rubber band on its hanger. If it’s something (you think) you truly love (even though you haven’t worn it even once in “x” length of time) you can always put a second rubber band on the coat hanger and check again after another year. But then, really, it should be toast!

I’ve heard of people who go through the same type of process but instead of using rubber bands, they start by turning all their coat hangers backwards in the closet, and after they wear an item and put it back, they turn the hanger the right way.  That is way too much work for me, and the OCD part of me could never live with hangers every which way in the closet.

Like I said, this is a no-brainer, but it was a revelation to me. My clothes and I are a lot happier since I discovered it. And the Salvation Army and Goodwill aren’t exactly crying, either.